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Position indicator: NWP-EC 03
The NWP-EC transmitter is an electronic device based on a 10 bit digital optoelectronic encoder. This solution means that the device is not limited to discreet tap positions, constant maximum number of positions or division of angles between the positions.

In the programming process NWP-EC 03 can be adapted to any number of tap positions as well as the direction of change or division of angles. NWP-EC 03 transmits the position of OLTC in the form of a BCD binary code and is also equipped with a two-direction RS-485 port.

Technical parameters:

OLTC position detectorOptoelectronic matrix ± 0,7o
Communication with external devicesBCD, RS485
Power+24V DC
BCD output parameters
Output parameters230V AC/DC, 1A contacts
RS485 output parameters
Transmission parameters1200 b/s, 8 bit, 1 bit stop,
parity: none

NWP-EC 03 Transmitter


 Instruction manual of NWP-EC 03
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