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Inspections and repairs: Motor drive
The range of On-Load Tap Changers repairs or modernization:
  1. Disassembly of all elements of drive unit.
  2. Sandblast cleaning of drive mechanisms.
  3. Replacement of worn mechanical parts.
  4. Modernization of electrical system and replacement of equipment:
    • wiring system
    • drive motor
    • clamp boards
    • contactor
    • relays
    • contacts
    • thermostat
    • heater
    • light lamp
  5. Preparing galvanic layers of moving steel elements.
  6. Replacement of drive casing (stainless steel model).
  7. Mounting of drive and regulation of its elements.
  8. Control of drive's proper operation and its tests, which include:
    • checking circuits of remote and on-site steering
    • checking electric motion limiters
    • checking mechanical locks
    • checking casing tightness
    • checking hand drive and safety lock
    • measurement of insulation resistance
    • voltage test 1kV 60 s.
    • functional test (1,000 switchings)
  9. laboration of technical documentation.

Specification of elements used for general repairs of drive:

Sort and type of elementProducer
Switch TO-1-15482/EMoeller
Switch TO-2 8221/EMoeller
Switch TO-1 8214/EMoeller
Motor protection PKZMO 2,5Moeller
Contactor DILEM9-10Moeller
Auxiliary contacts DILM32-XHI22Moeller
Auxiliary contacts NHI11 PKZOMoeller
Safety circuit breaker CLS6-B6Moeller
Relay R15Relpol
Thermostat KTO 1140Bezpol
Semiconductor heater HG 150Bezpol
Motor SKG 80-6bSiemens
AC rail socket 1-ph 220V~Legrand
Fluorescent lamp LM 10Zext

Motor drive type NS3z
before repair

Motor drive type NS3z
after repair

Motor drive type MZ-2
before repair

Motor drive type MZ-2
after repair

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