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Position indicator: WP-EC 02
WP-EC 02 is a modern alternative for the conventional tap changer position indicator systems. It is a device based on the programmable systems resistant to electromagnetic interference what assures reliable work in the electrical objects conditions.

WP-EC 02 replaces standard tap changer position indicators of all types. The unique simplicity of construction provides reliability and a good price. WP-EC 02 cooperates with the earlier model of the indicator WP-EC 01 and all the types of voltage regulators.

WP-EC 02 transmitter of the indicator is the device which converts information about the mechanical position of the tap changer and it sends it in the BCD code as well as through the series connection RS-485. The source of the BCD code is the set of the computer controlled transmitters.

The receiver screens the information about OLTC position which it gets from the transmitter in the BCD code. The BCD code reader applied in WP-EC 02 allows on the cooperation with all the types of the matrices applied in OLTC motor drives. The receiver is fed from 220V AC or DC voltage of high tolerance and at the same time it constitutes the stabilized source of power supply for the transmitter.

Technical parameters:

OLTC position detectorsNWP-EC 03 BCD/RS 485
Communication with external deviceBCD
Transmission voltage+12 ÷ 30V DC
Transmitter output power24V DC Stabilized
Receiver voltage230V AC/DC +20% / - 30%

WP-EC 02 indicator


 Instruction manual of WP-EC 02 with the transmitter NWP-EC 03

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