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Transformer oils: Scope of the analysis performed
Our modern analytical laboratory offers a complete analysis of new insulating and cooling liquid as well as during its operation time in accordance with the guidelines of the IEC, BS, ASTM, it offers as well special tests, according to customer requirements.
  • DGA examination (chromatographic analysis of the composition and concentration of gases dissolved in oil)
  • Physicochemical examination of insulating and cooling liquid:
    - puncture voltage
    - loss factor tg delta measurements
    - resistivity
    - dissolved water content (K. Fischer method)
    - acid number
    - flash point
    - surface tension
    - the solids content
    - corrosivity (presence of corrosive sulfur)
  • Examination of the furans content by the method of liquid chromatography
  • Examination of PCBs content
  • Examination of water content in the solid insulation samples
  • Examination of insulating materials characteristics
Tracking of trends in the changes' results of subsequent researches allows the analysis of the defects slowly developing in the function of time. We offer online access to the database of test results, which allows you to track trends of the individual parameters, print reports, statements, and many other functions related to the operation of the transformer units.

Analysis of the physicochemical parameters of insulating oils is essential to determine suitability of their use to electrical equipment such as transformers or converters.

Assessment of the overheating presence or partial and arc discharge and thermal degradation is carried out on the basis of the content of dissolved in the oil gases. Type of gas produced in oil depends on the nature and temperature of the phenomenon, this general principle is shown in the figure above.

The main advantage of diagnostic based on insulating oil samples examination is the possibility of an early detection of harmful physical and chemical processes present in the transformer or other device.

Our customers together with the service provided are offered specialized testing kits that ensure an adequate manner to the collection and transport of samples.

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