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Transformers - comprehensive solutions
...this slogan accompanies us from the very beginning of our activity. You might become convinced that this is not an empty slogan by familiarizing yourself with our offer, which you can find on our website or in our brochures.

If you have transformers, whose age exceeded 25 years and you do not know what decisions to make about their further operation...

We will help you offering the whole range of modern diagnostic methods such as:
  • measurement of the mechanical deformation of winding with frequency analysis FRA
  • measurement of moisture content within solid insulation with polarizing methods (RVM-PDC and tgδ in the ultra low frequency)
  • examination of cellulose depolymerization degree with the method of examination of furan compound 2 FAL
  • examination of gases dissolved in oil with the method DGA
Thanks to them we can conduct the reliable expertise of the technical state of the given transformer and assess the prognosis of its further operation.

In case of the necessity of repair and renovation aiming at the restoration of the full motor efficiency and work reliability, we offer the whole range of services such as:
  • repair and renovation of on-load tap changers (OLTC)
  • treatment of the insulation systems
  • exchange of the cooling system etc.
  • exchange of the equipment (indicators, thermometers)
  • caulking
  • cleaning and painting
If you operate the transformers and you have the limited technical resources, we offer our help within the area of property management consisting in:
  • systematical conduct of the proper preservation and diagnostic procedures
  • selection and installation of the on-line monitoring systems
  • creation of the repair and renovation policy
  • restoration of the normal working condition in case of disruption emergence (breakdown)
When you decide to buy the new unit, we will help you with the selection and we will provide such equipment as: OLTC, cooling system elements, thermometers, indicators etc.

We can also conduct the engineering supervision over the unit made or renovated for you on your behalf (interoperational controls, receiving measurements, creation of the FRA, RVM metrics).

We can take pride in the permanent cooperation with high class experts such as: Prof. Ryszard Malewski, PhD. Eng., Prof. Jerzy Skubis PhD. Eng., Docent Jerzy Słowikowski, Jan Subocz, PhD. Eng., Władysław Pewca, PhD.

In order to systematically react to your needs, together with our partners we organize cyclical conferences, seminars under the leading title "Transformers in Operation", during which we can present our latest achievements as well as familiarize ourselves with your problems.

The outcome of these meetings is the publication cycle in which you may find a compendium of practical knowledge about transformers.

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