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Our company continually expands the scope of the provided services, production of the advanced checking instruments and introduces modern technologies in the electrical power branch. That is why we constantly search for the new and open minds to work in the design and research team.

We also look for workers with the qualifications to work in the electrical power industry, wiremen and measurers.

If you are open to new challenges, if you have necessary qualifications, if you have experience or you are the graduate of the university, if you want to work in the modern resilient company, where you can fulfill your occupational aspirations, call or send an e-mail to us in order to arrange a meeting in our company.

If you are interested in training or apprenticeship in our company, contact us. We are waiting for you.

We will provide you contact with experts of the world’s highest level from our country and abroad as well as work with the measuring equipment of the best companies on the market. If measurements and transformers diagnostics is included within your interests, you can make measurements by yourself, contact world’s authorities and expand your knowledge.

Send your CV, arrange the interview.

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