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Position indicator: WP-EC 01
WP-EC 01 Receiver

The WP-EC 01 construction is based on a single-chip industrial microcontroller ensuring a wide range of adapting abilities by programming and high operational reliability.

The use of the microcontroller has enabled additional benefits resulting from information gathered in respect of OLTC operation, which helps in analyzing emergency situations.

The equipment enables communication with external systems via the RS485 port in a wide range of transmission protocols. Thanks to them it is possible to transmit all data gathered by the device to the EX system.

Additional equipment functions:
  • CG global counter (indicates the entire number of switching operations counted by the indicator and the date from which it had been counted)
  • CR erasable counter (indicates the number of switching operations since the last service as well as the date of the last counter reset)
  • time and date
  • recent switching history (gives the direction of change, tap number and precise time of occurrence)
  • operation statistics (show the percentage time of daily work of the transformer on each tap)
  • a fully configured security algorithm for avoiding unjustified drive passage to a position other than required
  • detection of under or over voltage
  • measurement of voltage given by voltage transformer with digital visualization
Technical parameters:

OLTC position detectorNWP-EC 03 BCD/RS 485
Switchover counterDigital with registry to FLASH
FLASH memory capacity128 kB/5000 occurrence
Communication with external deviceRS 485 / BCD connection circuit
Transmitter output power24V DC stabilized
Receiver power230V AC/DC +20% / - 30%

WP-EC 01 indicator


 Instruction manual of WP-EC 01-2 with the transmitter NWP-EC 03

 Instruction manual of WP-EC 01-2 with the matrix MK-EC 1

 Instruction manual of WP-EC 01-4 with the transmitter NWP-EC 03

 Instruction manual of WP-EC 01-4 with the matrix MK-EC 1

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