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Transformers: Accessories
Analog thermometer

2 or 4 adjustable microswitches.
Measuring range -20oC to 140oC.
Length of capillary tube 6m.
Analogue output (option).
Electronic Pointer Thermometer

It detects and indicates the oil temperature and 1 up to 3 winding temperatures, according to EN60076-7 (IEC354) and ANSI standards. Then it calculates the transformer life-time consumption. All data is stored and can be monitored from distance via 2 analogue outputs and a RS485 interface. Thus remote parametering and monitoring via Laptop or SCADA system is possible. Noise reduction and cutback of power loss are also worth to mention. And last but not least: targeted supervision and reduction of your power transformers' load.

Dehydrating Breathers

MTraB® stands for the new Maintenance-free Dehydrating Breather from Messko. The Single DB100 is for OLTC or tank application with an oil volume of 5,000 gal (19,000 l) or less. With MTraB®, sight inspections are reduced to a minimum. This and the obviation for the desiccant replacement result in enormous cost and time savings. The "baking-out" of the moisture is controlled via a built-in sensor.

Dehydrating Breathers

Dehydrating Breathers are used to prevent the normal moisture in the air from coming in contact with the oil in electrical equipment as the load or temperature changes. This reduces the degeneration of the oil and helps maintain its insulation capability. When used with a conservator system with a rubber air cell it reduces moisture accumulation in the cell. The Dehydrating Breathers are filled with Silicagel which can absorb 20% of its own weight in moisture. The breathers are also provided with an oil trap preventing continuous contact between the moist air and the Silicagel, allowing for longer life of the Silicagel and lower maintenance.
Oil level indicator

MTO-ST(F)160(G) oil level indicators are measuring devices with and without switching contacts. They are ideally suited to measuring the liquid level in the conservators of transformers. The level indicator consists of a sensor and a display unit, which are linked separately. The sensor unit consists of a sealed flange plate and is installed directly in the wall of the conservator. The float arm transfers the rise and fall of the float to the spindle. This spindle is connected via a magnetic clutch to a pointer spindle in the display unit.
Oil level indicator

Messko products for transformers ensure a high degree of measuring quality and reliability. Finding simple, practical solutions is frequently required when transformers in operation are to be upgraded and retrofitted. In the area of oil level indicators for transformers, our type MMK oil level indicator works without a float in the oil conservator and can be easily mounted on existing connections in accordance with DIN 42552. A measuring pipe of stainless steel is secured as a parallel container with a flange to the oil conservator. This pipe contains a cylindrical float with a built-in permanent magnet. The indicator rail with the magnetic flags is installed on the outside of the measuring pipe. The float magnet turns the magnetic flags in the indicator rail by 180° depending on the filling level. From white to red for rising level and from red to white for sinking level.
Buchholz relay

5-year warranty.
Switch replacement is possible without any sinterference to the oil circulating system.
Test line connection for remote inspection.
Solid-body float.
Helium leak test.
Protected Reed switch.
Gas withdrawal.
95% of the mechanical components made of stainless steel.

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