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Inspections and repairs: OLTC
Energo-Complex offers service and repairs of on-load tap changers.

Service includes:
  • oil replacement in diverter switch compartment
  • cleaning of diverter switch and sleeve
  • condition control of contacts and springs
  • checking tap number conformity of head drive
  • checking and maintenance of angle transmission gears
  • checking and maintenance of OLTP drive control box
  • measuring and recording of times
  • recording of power continuity
If it is necessary to replace subsystems, we offer wide range of spare parts produced by our company. We can also supply reconditioned OLTC head of any type, to minimize switching off period of transformer. We provide necessary amount of oil to refill OLTC and all specialized tools used during technical inspection. The maintenance procedure is followed by measurements and recording of OLTC times and their divergences, conducted by digital diagnostic device.

General repairs include:
  • demounting and cleaning of tap changer in workshop conditions
  • replacement of springs
  • replacement of moving and fixed contacts
  • assembly and pre-regulation
  • regulation of switching times and subsystems interaction
  • mounting of tap changer in a transformer
We also offer repairs of the whole tap changers, including tap selector switching cage.

Inspection of diverter
switch type F

Inspection of diverter
switch type G

Full renovation of the head
(new bushing production
and full set of contacts)

Exchange of diverter
switch type K4

Disassembly of OLTC

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