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The increase in the distribution company competitiveness 2009
Training for the Vattenfall workers - Piekary Śląskie (Poland), 5 March 2009

 Training plan

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Transformations appearing in the energy distribution market ("release" of the energy prices) result in the alteration of the approach to the "customer-seller" relationship. The notion of the competition on the market begins to take more realistic shape. Slow but inevitable mechanism of free market competition causes that a customer becomes the main subject of the distribution company's interest and it determines the transformations' direction as well as the operation style.

In such circumstances the basic mission of the distribution company is the "battle" for a customer through the delivery of the highest quality goods (electrical energy) at the lowest price.

Here the word Quality is a very broad term, which is defined depending on the customer character and category.

On the basis of these facts the creation of the effective distribution network management system is undisputed and it should provide reliable delivery of high energy to the receiver for the optimum price.

We know how important transformers are in the distribution network and although their amount and value is relatively small in comparison to the remaining constituents of the network, the progressive cost of the breakdown repeatedly exceeds the expenditures for the removal of the damage caused by the other network device damage. That is why the operation of transformers should be conducted with the unusual precision taking into consideration economically justified breakdown risk and strategic significance in distribution system and energy transport.

From a few years company Energo-Complex propagates and implements the new approach into the industrial practice on the basis of its experience from the area of transformers diagnostics and renovation. This approach allows on the optimization of the relationship between the costs and transformers operation quality. That is why the conferences and seminars are organized and the publications are made.

The training suggested to you is the continuation of that mission.

During this training we want to present among others the modern method of the WN culverts diagnostics and the method of transformers technical state complex assessment TrafoGrade which allows on the creation and implementation of the coherent transformer management system.
Yours faithfully
Marek Szrot
Jan Subocz

Topics of the training:
  1. System TrafoGrade:
    • transformer technical state assessment, the characterization of the applied measuring methods
    • presentation of the results obtained from the population of 45 transformers taking into consideration the most important problems appearing in the examined population and the analysis of the perspectives of their operation
    • assessment of the transformer significance in the electrical system (discussion)
    • presentation of the computer system supporting transformers population management

  2. Presentation of Energo-Complex company's experience connected with diagnostics of mechanical deformation of transformers' winding with the FRA method

  3. Minimization of the breakdown risk and operation costs through the application of the new technical solutions (OLTC)

  4. Assessment of the winding compaction and energy transformers rusting on the basis of vibroacoustic measurements in the unestablished states

  5. Presentation of the data registration system of electrical transformers transport quality

  6. Assumptions to the study of the expert systems of energy transformers insulation systems diagnostics

5th March 2009, from 1000 to 1800
Please notify us of the participants till 28.02.2009

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